ATA Tigers  
ATA Tigers

Ages 4–6

The ATA Tigers program offers children a strong foundation in essential character qualities such as courtesy, respect, and discipline. In addition, the program is designed to improve children's motor skills and enhance their ability to pay attention and follow directions. All classes are taught using the most safe, fun, and exciting instruction methods available for this age group. This program works in conjunction with the Karate for Kids program, thereby emphasizing the same important monthly themes and value system.
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Karate for Kids  
Karate for Kids

Ages 7–12

The Karate for Kids program builds a strong foundation in Taekwondo. Classes are designed for the physical development and mental capabilities of our younger students. Teaching the skills of dedication to completing tasks and meeting goals is an important part of the program. Studies have shown that children who train in Taekwondo tend to improve their grades due to the development of concentration and self discipline.
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Teen and Adult  
Teen and Adult

Ages 13 and older

In today's society, the ability of a man or woman to defend him/herself is very important. Like all our programs, our Teen and Adult program teaches self defense to gain self confidence and improve physical and mental toughness. Taekwondo training also increases cardiovascular fitness, improves flexibility and coordination, sharpens reflexes, and helps control weight. Adults may start our program at any age.
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All ages train together

Many families find it difficult to spend quality time together. The kids have their faces buried in video games and the parents are busy working. Our family class is designed to help strengthen the family bond. Classes are easy enough for children to learn and tough enough for adults to get a great workout. There are benefits for everyone — kids love it because it's fun and helps them work toward goals; parents love it because it's a great way to get in shape while learning to defend yourself in any situation. Most importantly, it's something you can all do together.

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Owner/Head Instructor
Josée Girard, 5th Degree Black Belt

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