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Since 2006, Sewickley Martial Arts Academy has been training students in Taekwondo as well as life skills. "When you are learning martial arts, the focus of your training is not only on physical strength and growth, but also on important skills that help lead to personal successes in life," explains owner and 5th Degree Black Belt Josée Girard. Each student is looked upon as an individual, never compared to anyone else. All that is expected is a willingness to try.

Our school has produced State Champions and District Champions, but we are most proud of all the oustanding citizens who have learned integrity and respect here at Sewickley Martial Arts Academy.

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Sewickley Martial Arts Academy offers the latest ATA programs to develop the skills needed to succeed for all ages.


Owner/Head Instructor
Josée Girard, 5th Degree Black Belt

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  • Interested in Taekwondo? Develop your physical and mental strength in 2018! Try a 4-week introductory program which includes a free uniform!
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"In victory, be humble. In defeat,
be strong. In all things, be fair."

Eternal Grand Master H.U. Lee